Hi, My name is Jamie & I am a Yoga Teacher.

Through my own yoga and mindfulness practice, I have witnessed vast improvements in my own health and mindset. It is now my ambition to help others heal themselves and improve their health and quality of life.

In a Syd Yoga class there is no competition, no strict formula, no expectations and no gurus. Just a group of people, looking inwards and releasing outwards.

Syd Yoga guarantees a full 90 minutes of attentive practice, and is a world away from the conveyor belt yoga classes found in the West today.

“I love how Jamie describes yoga and the emphasis he places on the breathing. Since starting I feel calmer, sleep better and have better flexibility. Thank you for helping me live more in the moment”.

Sarah Prenton (Neurological Physiotherapist/Senior Lecturer)

“If you have never tried yoga, this is the perfect teacher for you!  Jamie teaches from the heart and not from ego! Age, shape and your condition doesn’t matter… go, let go and enjoy!”

Nirmal Prem Kaur (KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher)

“Jamie’s own personal experiences and his yoga journey are very admirable. He is very knowledgeable on yoga and his teachings are based on his own understandings of yoga practice. I look forward to his class each week.”

Caroline Mostenski (BWY Student Teacher)

“I just want to say thank you, the last year of yoga has made such a difference to both my physical and mental health. I have battled with anxiety to a point where I struggled to leave the house and Yoga has helped to build my confidence and get me back to myself. I have been to other classes where not being the thinnest of people I’ve felt uncomfortable but your encouragement and support has shown me that I can do all the poses and the flows and the only barriers are in my head”.  

Anonymous  (Yoga Student)

What kind of Yoga is Syd Yoga?

Syd Yoga provides a modern approach to an ancient practice, explaining Yoga and Mindfulness with modern science. Its not about how fit and flexible you are, its about learning to understand, heal, and maintain ones physical and psychological self.

“Yoga does not quarrel with science, it supplements science” Swami Sivananda

All physical yoga practices which involve doing Asanas (postures) and movements are a type of what is traditionally know as Hatha Yoga.

  • Syd Yoga has taken knowledge and teachings from various types of Hatha Yoga and modern science, and is continuously shaping a new practice,
  • Syd Yoga uses a scientific approach to explain the benefits of the different areas of  yoga practice.
  • Syd Yoga  places considerable attention on maintaining relaxation and correct breath amid the effort required to do the poses.
  • Syd Yoga allows a person to naturally progress into the correct pose at their own pace, with patience and guidance from the teacher.
  • Syd Yoga concentrates essentially on the releasing of stress and increasing of strength and flexibility through a less spiritual but more mindful and scientific approach to the practice.
  • Syd Yoga is not advanced yoga and does not guide students in an advanced physical Yoga practice. Syd Yoga is concerned with guiding people in finding their own self restoration and self preserving practice.
  • Syd Yoga primarily concentrates on learning to relax in the pose, through healthy breath and by identifying and releasing any tension that may be be restricting us, in order to allow us to naturally progress and improve in the different poses.
  • Syd Yoga recognizes that each person has a unique constitutional makeup both mentally and physically, and a pose that may help improve one person’s health, may not for another. Therefore Syd Yoga places considerable emphasis on a person finding and furthering the practices that benefit their own health.
  • Syd Yoga has taught yoga to Physiotherapists, Yoga instructors,  British Wheel of Yoga Student teachers and members of the public from all walks of life.

A typical Syd Yoga class,  includes students ranging from the late teens, to senior citizens.

“I have been coming to Jamie’s class for about 4 weeks now and I couldn’t recommend it enough, perfect for all abilities I always leave class feeling immensely serene. Thank you”

L. Hullock

“I thought I would be aching today but not in the slightest, feel fantastic and had a great nights sleep! Thank you”


“With yoga and doing meditation I actually feel more alive then I ever did…so much peace within, I feel rather lean too”


“I really enjoyed yoga led by Jamie this evening! Feeling all relaxed now.”


“My first Syd Yoga class this evening. I am feeling great, stretched and totally relaxed. I just need to remember to breathe. Thank you Jamie”


“Hi Jamie – thanks for a fantastic introduction to yoga – I didn’t know what to expect but really enjoyed it and can’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed! Looking forward to next week now! Thanks again!”


“Thank you Jamie for a really wonderful session. Can’t remember the last time my mind was completely quiet!”


“I have been attending SYD yoga with Jamie for over 2 years now, I feel I’ve benefited mentally, emotionally and physically from the regular practice.

Jamie continually emphasises the importance of the breathe and staying in the present moment. This helps to relax into the yoga practice.”

I would recommend Jamie to anyone who wishes to begin their yoga journey and also anyone wanting to deepen their practise further.


“Thanks for our first class tonight Jamie, i was surprised how good i felt after and was worried about my back but it actually feels stronger so thank you for that and you’ll be seeing me next week.”


“Yoga tonight was blinking marvelous. No where near as supple as I used to be but something to aim for !”


“I officially love yoga I can’t believe how much better I feel, and the improvements it’s made day to day can’t wait for next week!! Thanks Jamie”


“Jamie is a brilliant yoga instructor. I’m still very new to Yoga and I struggle with the more flexible poses but Jamie doesn’t push if you can’t do the poses, he supports you and encourages you. I would defiantly recommend his classes”


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