• Block pre-payment of £20 for 4 x 90 minute classes, pre-recorded from my home, one released on the Monday each week.
  • You can watch that video as many times as you like on that week, but it will be replaced the following week with the new one.


Join us on Zoom, as I stream my live classes from my living room to you at home.

    • Wednesday Evenings 8pm-9.30pm, Zoom Room opens at 7.45pm.
    • Block pre-payment of £20 for 4 x 90 minute classes

I did classes with Jamie prior to lock down and always loved them, but as my husband works shifts, often I couldn’t get to the sessions as I had no childcare. Now I can access these weekly sessions at any time, regardless of childcare, as often as I want. It’s been brilliant and so much easier to adapt into my routine. I would sometimes feel self conscious in the live sessions too, as I’m not very good, but now no-one can see me! Double bonus! I particularly love being able to use these just before bed, as I would often fall asleep during the final part of the session and then have to wake up and drive home! Now, I just fall asleep in bed and continue sleeping! I think we’re all feeling the stress levels creep up with the current situation, but I know I have Jamie and yoga to help me when I need to de-stress, whenever that is. It has certainly been a lifeline during this time. Thanks Jamie!


Loving the videos Jamie, its like you are in my living room, Thanks. K.Andrew

My husband and I just did our yoga with Jamie on You tube. It was very good and Max his dog was so chilled and really cute. M.Ward

Thanks so much for the online yoga Jamie, its nice to have some normality in this crazy world. L.Cunningham

That was excellent, my partner joined in as well and absolutely loved it. G.Adshead